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Living in the shadows of life  1/1/2019

Footsteps in the Sand .  10/17/2018

The Building of a Dream .  10/15/2018

Never Along .   !0/26/2018

I like to write.  Write all kinds of things.  Writing is a good way for me to unload my mind onto a piece of paper or in a computer.  Sometimes what I have to say only means anything to me and other times you can have meanings to other people.  I've been struggling with the written word for most of my life.  I am dyslexic and have a hard time communicating with the written word. So most of my writing means something to me it doesn't mean much to anyone else.  I've been writing poems for over 50 years and I find it to be a very satisfying outlet for some of my thoughts.  On some of the poetry pages that I have put in this website are some of my poems.  Has time goes by I will add to the number of Poems in this site.


I  also like to write essays and short papers.  I will be posting some of them on this website as well.

This is an oil painting done by Lyle James. It is a portrait of me writing poetry on Squaw Mountain in Maine. This took place during 1977.  It was painted from a Polaroid shown below.  Lyle James was a native American artist and showed his work in my art gallery in the 70s.  He was very talented.

The Polaroid shot here is me sitting on top of squaw mountain in the state of Maine writing a poem in 1977.  That is MooseHead Lake in the bakeround.

The wood cut to the left is titled "Hear No Evil." Sometimes we become selective in what we listen to.   When I write poetry or essays I try to convey what I'm feeling. What people obtain from reading my work cannot be predicted. Everyone has their own feelings and sometimes the writings of others bring out in people what they think.