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A poem by Patrick E. Lindemann 10-17-2018

Footsteps In The Sand


Footsteps in the sand

Wings in the air

Eagle sees without despair

No blindfold here for me


Released emotions

Running toward a place

Finding peace

Knowing inner self


Facing fears clearly

All that ever was

All that is

All that will be


Seeking truth

Finding reason

Feeling one’s soul

Living one’s life


The eagle sees from above

We look but don’t see

Can eagles see Inside of us

Or, is our life ours alone to see


Tomorrow has no place for blindfolded truth

Today I will see, free of fears

Tomorrow I will live, I can see the truth

Today my footsteps are in the sand


From the air the vision is clear

The truth is very near

For love will be here

My heart is open and can receive


Tomorrow comes with clarity

Today my feet we’ll pierce the sand

Tomorrow I will take a stand

But today I must see what the Eagles sees


My future is near

My path is clear

Today I run with open heart

Tomorrow I will live the part