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A poem by Patrick Lindemann, 10/15/2018

The Building of a Dream

What does it take to have a dream and what more is required to live it

and make it your universe




what does it mean to have a dream

my mind is full of thoughts of a life before I was me

the wisdom of ages gone bye

the sense of love never realized


these things fill my mind with wondering

wondering of a gentle life of love

knowing out-comes not yet lived

feelings of peace in the mist of war


what does it mean to have a dream


thoughts of a touch never felt

the sense of someone gone

and yet felling them next to me

the wanting of something or someone never realized


the smell of a warm day in the wood

the feel of someone’s touch on a rainy day

the taste of a meal, not yet per-paired

the site of a rainbow over a forgotten sky


what does it mean to have a dream


the site of a hungry child and no food to give

the act of violence performed, when not yet born

the life of an infant lost in the wilderness, not yet found

the pain of the controlled, not yet free


the site of a river, not yet crossed

the vision of a cure, not yet discovered

the taking of a stand that makes a difference, not yet taken

making one life more meaningful, not yet made


what does it mean to have a dream


I have a dream

My dream is real

My life is short

My dreams are forever


I have lived a thousand life times

You have been part of every life

I know you where there because you are here now

And you will be there in every life time after today


That’s what it means to have a dream