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I paint, sculpt, make prints, do photography, Emulsion transfers and image transfers and other artistic endeavors including poetry.  I have a deep love for the arts. The time that I have available in my busy schedule I try to spend, at least part of that time, on my artistic endeavors. These pages show some of my art and some of the variety of my art.


We should probably define what art is to me. It is more than likely that it will be different for each person.  For me the kind of art that I try to express Is a form reflecting my feelings and thoughts through means different then just communicating verbally.  I have dyslexia so writing becomes a difficult task for me. I have sought other forms of communication, the arts.


All of my artistic endeavors try to convey how I feel about every day things as well as very complex things.  To me, art is a form of communication. I, as an artist, am telling you as a viewer of the art, how I feel about a certain subject.  The subject may not be obvious in each of my pieces of art, however somewhere hidden in the images and the words are my thoughts.


Some of my art is inspired by other artists and thier work. Most however, our originals.

Take for example the emulsion transfer titled "Divine Victim", (image to the left.) Both models in this picture symbolize the traditional religious thought that men are superior to women and that men are in charge of women. The woman in front of the man indicates that  all women suffer and struggle as part of our human responsibility to stay alive and reproduce just as much or more than men. This is true in religious history, and in life in general. For most places in the world, the parity between  men's wages and women's wages for the same job is still not equal. The struggle for equality is clearly evident in this piece of art. The women do lay bear the needs of their soul, and indeed, become the divine victim.


The Encaustic image below signifies a similar struggle as the "Divine Victim."  However it includes all of humanity. The "Encaustic Painting" is painted with hot beeswax and oil pigment. This art piece to me conveys a message of struggle.  Human agony as we continue to evolve.


The journey of the hominid is not a straight line to an evolutionarily conclusion, but is a struggle to survive even in today's modern world.  In the Genus Homo we have, as humans, made many advancements. The journey of evolution however is longer than just the development of Homo Sapiens. In fact, our journey from a common ancestor with the Chimpanzee, a pre-historic primate, has taken a long and complicated road. This image of the the female form is meant to project that struggle.


Some people look at this piece of art and see many other things, that's OK, but to me it represents humankind's journey on the road of who we are today.  This piece of art is titled simply "Nude in Encaustic".  But it carries with it a complicated message. I certainly don't expect every person who sees it to have the same feelings that I do about where we came from. However hidden in this piece of art are my thoughts on evolution.