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I paint, sculpt,Make prints, do photography, Emulsion transfers and image transfers and other artistic endeavors including poetry. I am not a professional artist. But I have a deep love for the arts. The time that I have available in my busy schedule I try to spend, At least part of that time, on my artistic endeavors. These pages show some of my art and some of the variety of my art. We should probably define what art is to you. It is more than likely different for each person.  For me the kind of art that I try to express through means something different than another kind of art.  All of my artistic indevers try to convey how I feel about every day things and very complex things.  To me, art is a form of communication. I as an artist I'm telling you as a viewer how I feel about a certain subject.



Some of my art is inspired by other artists work. Most however, our originals.