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About Pat

I have a verity of interest.  I love being out of doors in any way and doing almost any activity.  I'm not much of a sports fan and I watch very little sports on TV.  Having said that, I love playing most sports.  Volleyball is my favorite sport to play.  Though I like playing most of the common sport games and even some that are not so popular, I like going to games mostly to watch the people and the game of course.

 I am an avid Camper and hit the woods when ever time permits me to.  Fly fishing is my preferred fishing style.  I tie my own flies and can't get enough of the rivers I fish in.

The arts have been a major part of my life.  I can't remember a time when I did not draw or paint something.  There is a section in these web pages that out lines and has samples of my art.

I am a graduate of Michigan State University. My Resumé is available on another page.

 I am currently serving as the Ingham County Drain Commissioner, an elected office with 4 year terms.  This office is a pardison position and I am a Democrat.  I have been the  Ingham County Drain Commissioner since January, 1993.  I will be running for re-election In 2024.   There is also information on the office of the drain commissioner in the state of Michigan.